• If your opponent has three Spell/Trap Cards, at least one of which is Set, you can destroy a monster with "Jurrac Iguanon" to bounce the Set card, then destroy a Dinosaur on your side of the field and activate "Seismic Shockwave", filling all your opponent's Spell and Trap Zones.
  • Since most Trap Cards and Quick-Play Spell Cards cannot be activated during the Damage Step, your opponent will seldom be able to activate the targeted card in response to its ejection.
    • If your opponent has more than one Set card, he or she will have to guess beforehand which one you will bounce. This lack of security may drive him or her to activate Spells or Traps in advance. Take advantage of premature "Waboku" and "Book of Moon" by conserving Spell/Trap destruction cards until after the Battle Phase.
  • Because a player can only Set one monster per turn but can Set as many Spell/Traps that they wish, it is useful to bounce your opponent's Set monsters.
    • Even more useful is the monster "Sauropod Brachion" which makes all your opponent's monsters shift to face-down, Defense position. It Sets all your opponent's monsters once per turn and can allow you to bounce monsters with a cost to Summon.

Traditional Format

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