• This card is good for Piercing Effect & Double ATK monsters.
  • Equip copies of this to any of the opponent's monsters. Then you can ram searchers into that monster to inflict major burn damage to the opponent. Special Summon another searcher and repeat. This also works well with a "Creature Swap"ed "The Bistro Butcher" and/or a "Spirit Barrier", and can lead to a OTK with "Colossal Fighter".
  • If your opponent has low life-points, and a monster with high ATK on the field, equip that monster with this card to deal damage back to your opponent when they destroy your monsters.
  • This card is great to use with "Union Attack" in a situation where you had to use the card to over power your opponent. This way, even though you had to sacrifice the ability to inflict battle damage and your other monsters can't attack, you still can inflict some damage to their life points as payback.
  • A deadly combo involving this card is to equip it to a high-powered Spellcaster such as "Dark Paladin" or "Silent Magician LV8", then use "Diffusion Wave-Motion" to wipe out all of your opponent's monsters with less ATK power, and deal heavy effect damage along with any other battle damage you might have inflicted.

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