• Equip cards like "Raregold Armor" to force your opponent to target only this monster in battle.
  • This card won't prevent Trap Cards from being destroyed by Counter Traps, but it is otherwise a very good way to prevent your opponent from using Spell- and Trap-destroying cards, like Harpies. Sometimes your opponent won't know whether or not you have a Trap in your hand--you might lure them into a false sense of security by having an empty back row, or if you don't have a Trap in your hand, you could still intimidate them to prevent them from attacking.
  • Even if you don't have any Trap Cards, this card can be used to bluff your opponent into stalling. Summoning "Jetroid" face-up is basically the equivalent of telling your opponent "I've got a bunch of Traps in my hand," so do not expect most opponents to actually risk attacking.
  • You can effectively use this card in a Konami Arcade Games deck. Other than not being a LIGHT monster, it fits the strategy fairly well. It has 1200 ATK so would therefore be protected by "Jade Knight's" effect, and since you'll be running cards that boost ATK during the damage step, you'll have access to cards like "Rising Energy".

Traditional Format

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