• "Neo-Spacian Grand Mole" and "Wind-Up Rabbit" can be played alongside this card, as they can leave the field when convenient.
    • However, caution should be taken with the former monster, since it can only leave the field by battling another monster.
  • In case another monster is brought to the field, "Zerozerock" can be used to protect this card.
    • Alternatively, "Moon Mirror Shield" can be used, ensuring that this monster will be able to take down any opposing monster in battle.
  • This card forms an excellent combo with "Mage Power".
  • "Xing Zhen Hu" and "Xing Zhen Hu Replica" can be used to prevent your opponent's Set Spell/Trap Cards from being activated, so that this card can maintain a high ATK.

Traditional Format

  • "Kaiser Colosseum" can be used to restrict the opponent's monsters they control to 1 at a time, making them manageable.

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