• This card shuffles any 5 cards from your Graveyard into your Deck – not just Monster cards; use this to recycle Limited Spell/Trap Cards, such as "Raigeki", "Vanity's Emptiness" etc.
  • This card is useful in Volcanic decks, to recycle 3 copies "Volcanic Scattershot", and/or 2 copies of "Volcanic Shell" (to use the effect of the third in the Graveyard to boost your hand and search for of the two returned).
  • If you have already got 3 copies of "Good Goblin Housekeeping" in your Graveyard, you can use this card to recycle one of them to re-use the powered-up effect.
  • Use this card to return Fusion, Synchro, Xyz and/or Link Monsters to the Extra Deck.
  • This card is perfect for the "Fire Hand"/"Ice Hand" combo, as it can be used to recover up to 5 of them AND draw a card.
  • Chain this card to your opponent's cards or effects that might banish a card from your Graveyard, such as "Soul Release" or the effects of "Infernoid" monsters.
  • Use this card to reduce the odds of you Decking out, putting at least 4 more cards back in your deck with each use.
  • If you have at least two "Jar of Avarice" in you Graveyard, use a "The Transmigration Prophecy" to recycle them into the deck, as this card cannot target another copy(ies) of itself, allowing you to keep your options open over a prolonged game.

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