• The activation of the effect of this card is optional. So you can choose to keep some Spirit Monsters on the Field and Bounce others to your Hand.
    • In this case, choose to Bounce Spirit Monsters whose effects activate upon being Normal Summoned, such as "Yaksha", "Rakshasa", "Tsukuyomi", etc, and keep on the Field those who have effects that are/can be activated turn after turn, such as "Yamata Dragon", "Hino-Kagu-Tshuchi", "Asura Priest", etc.
  • If you do Special Summon at least 1 copy of this card, use "Burial from a Different Dimension" returning the banished Spirits so you won't lose them. You may recycle them with "The Transmigration Prophecy".
    • Another good card to recycle Spirit monsters is "Izanami", and you can return her to your hand, since this card's effect is optional.
  • This card is used best with "Yamata Dragon" because summoning this card will empty your hands by two cards and "Yamata Dragon" will allow you to refill it.

Traditional Format

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