• While this card is activated, use "Fragrance Storm" to destroy your opponent's monsters and draw for double damage.
  • For more uses, you can also use "DNA Surgery" instead of this card.
  • This card couples excellently with "Rose Tentacles". Not only will "Rose Tentacles" be able to attack an extra time for each face up monster the opponent controls, each monster it destroys will deal an additional 300 damage to the opponent.
    • Alternatively, add "Thorn of Malice" to the combo so "Rose Tentacles" can target a single monster, dealing 600 more piercing damage with each attack.
    • Targeting "Rose Tentacles" with the effect of "Magic Hole Golem" while "Ivy Shackles" in on the field allows "Rose Tentacles" to inflict 1100 points of Direct Damage to your opponent for each monster designated as a Plant-type by the effect of "Ivy Shackles".

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