• Equip this card to an opponent's strong, high level monster ("Blue-Eyes White Dragon," for instance) to make it easier to tackle. Once it's destroyed, your opponent will have to discard a high number of cards.
    • If you use "Inferno Reckless Summon" on this card first, equipping the extra copies will make the enemy monster even easier to beat, and the amount of cards milled will approach (if not exceed) half the deck.
  • This card could be used with the Venom archetype. It will end up in the graveyard, which is helpful, and a little mill power in a deck is always okay.
    • This card also works well in an Alien Deck. Since most Aliens lack high ATK and require weakening the opponent's monsters, this card can make battles easier, especially when there are few A-Counters already on the field.
  • Use this card alongside "Light of Intervention" so you'll be able to weaken your opponent's defense-position monsters and mill their deck by destroying them.
  • This card works extremely well in a Reptilianne deck, as "Reptilianne Gorgon" will decrease its attack to 0, and then you may kill it with nearly anything you control. This can also be used against hard-to-kill monsters like "Stardust Dragon".
  • Due to its low ATK, you can revive this card with "Limit Reverse" (or simply use the now unlimited "Call of the Haunted"), then equip it to an opponent's monster.
  • "Paralyzing Chain" will deal damage on top of the Battle Damage this card most likely allowed you to deal.
  • Have two copies of "Iron Chain Repairmen" when you use this card. Each turn after you use this card's effect, use one "Repairman" to revive this card, use the equipment effect again, and use the other "Repairman" for attacking, which will also trigger its burn effect.
    • Use an ATK booster like "Iron Chain Coil" to keep your "Repairman" cards alive longer, pile on the damage, and allow you to knock out stronger monsters.
    • "Dark Room of Nightmare" will activate every time a "Repairman" beats a monster, and it will work a second time if you used "Paralyzing Chain" also.

Traditional Format

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