• Equip this card to either "Inzektor Dragonfly" or "Inzektor Centipede". After using this card's effect to destroy 1 card your opponent controls, activate the effect of "Dragonfly" to Special Summon another Inzektor or use the effect of "Centipede" to search for one.
    • By Summoning "Centipede" with the effect of "Dragonfly", you can combine these tactics.
  • Equip this card to an "Inzektor Dragonfly" that is equipped with "Inzektor Giga-Mantis" then use a card effect to destroy "Mantis". Special Summon an Inzektor from your Graveyard with the effect of "Mantis" and Special Summon 2 Inzektor from Deck with "Dragonfly's" effect to swarm the field for either more control or an OTK set up.
    • You can also use this card on an "Inzektor Centipede" then equip a "Giga-Mantis" and use hornet's effect to destroy "Giga". Now you get 2 Inzektors adds from your deck plus you can special summon an Inzektor from your graveyard by using "Giga" effect. This combo is good for reviving an "Inzektor Dragonfly" that you might have detach for a Xyz Material.

Traditional Format

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