• You can Special Summon this card from your deck with "Inzektor Dragonfly". This works great in a pure Insect Deck, as you can also run "Solidarity" to get a 3200 ATK beatstick out on your first turn.
  • When combined with the ATK-boost of "Inzektor Hornet", this card can increase the ATK of any Inzektor monster to 2900. Use this to attack over strong monsters, particularly "Stardust Dragon", which can't be destroyed with the effect of Inzektor Hornet.
  • If your opponent has a face up "Light and Darkness Dragon" on the field and you have a face up Inzektor on the field and "Inzektor Giga-Mantis" in your hand, you can use "Giga-Mantis" effect to equip itself from the hand to the face up Inzektor you control. LADD will negate the activation, but since "Giga-Mantis" isn't destroyed by LADD's effect it remains in the hand and can activate its effect again. This can start a loop because you can repeat this until LADD can no longer stop it.

Traditional Format

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