• In a "Hazy Flame" Deck, this card not only can be Summoned easily, but can take part in a good combo: Detach a Material, and target a face-up card your opponent controls, as well as a face-up "Hazy Glory" card under your control. Then activate the effect of "Glory" and send it to the Graveyard as a cost for its own effect, retrieving a "Hazy" card in the process of getting rid of an annoying opponent's card.
  • As a last resort, the monster equipped to "Exa-Beetle" can be send to the Graveyard, so to not waste powerful cards. Then, use the weakened "Exa-Beetle" to Xyz Summon "Gaia Dragon, the Thunder Charger".
    • This card can be Xyz Summoned, then equip it with a "Lightpulsar Dragon". Activate this card's effect, targeting "Lightpulsar" and another card. Because sending them both to the Graveyard happens at the same time, the effect of "Lightpulsar" can be triggered, reviving a Level 5 or higher DARK Dragon-Type monster of your choice. Then "Gaia Dragon, the Thunder Charger" can be overlay using Exa-Beetle and have 2 big monsters to attack with (maybe even three if "Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon" is revived with "Lightpulsar" and used its effect to revive yet another Dragon).
    • Equip this card with monsters that activate when they're destroyed and/or sent from anywhere on the field to the Graveyard, but cannot miss the timing, like "Card Trooper", "Goblin Zombie" or "Mermail Abysslinde". Then overlay "Gaia Dragon" using "Exa-Beetle", causing the equipped monster to be destroyed and sent to the Graveyard, which will trigger the equipped monster's effect.
  • Equip "Guardian Dreadscythe" to this card via its first effect, then send it from the field to the Graveyard with this card's second effect, easily allowing yourself to Summon "Dreadscythe" without the need to use "Guardian Eatos".
    • This is now impossible, due to a ruling.
  • Equip this card with an opponent's monster that your opponent intends to revive, such as "Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon" or "Machina Fortress", in order to keep it out of the Graveyard.
  • By equipping a "Light and Darkness Dragon" to this card, it can gain 1400 ATK, and when it's destroyed, the effect of "Light and Darkness Dragon" will activate. (Note that it's only equipped with a monster when Xyz Summoned, so no loop like the one with "Dragunity Arma Leyvaten" is possible.)
  • This card can be used in a "Dragunity" Deck since most of their Synchro Monsters are Level 6, and they have useful monsters that have effects as Equip Cards, like "Dragunity Aklys".
  • Activate "Future Fusion", sending at least two "Jinzo" and two "Jinzo - Returner" to the Graveyard, Special Summoning both "Jinzo" with the effect of the 2 "Returner", then overlay.
  • Your opponent can be tricked into using the effect of "Stardust Dragon", then Summon this monster, and equip "Stardust" to it, making your opponent unable to revive it.
  • In an "Inzektor" Deck, this monster can be equipped with an "Inzektor Hornet" or "Inzektor Ant" that was unequipped and destroyed when this card was Xyz Summoned. It then gains one and a half times the equipped card's ATK and DEF and it gets a useful effect.
  • This card's effect can be used to equip a "ZW - Unicorn Spear" and gain a monster with 3850 ATK. "Unicorn Spear" gives its effects to any card which it is equipped to (not just "Number C39: Utopia Ray"), this card can be equipped to "Inzektor Exa-Beetle" by that monster's effect, and increase the ATK of "Exa-Beetle" by 2850 to create a monster with 3850 ATK (1000 base from "Exa-Beetle" + (1900/2) from the effect of "Exa-Beetle" + 1900 from this card's effect) that negates the effects of any monster it battles.

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