• This card works with monsters that forfeit attack power for defense; cards like "Destiny Hero - Defender", "Big Shield Gardna" and "Exxod, Master of The Guard" will benefit from this.
    • An additional tactic with this can be used in a "Skill Drain" Deck. "Metal Reflect Slime" in a Skill Drain Deck will be allowed to attack. It can then become a very fast 3000ATK monster.
    • Take advantage of monsters with powerful effects that normally do no good because of their low ATK or DEF, but happen to have excess in the other.
  • Use this against the typical monsters with high ATK/low DEF that tend to switch to defense after attacking, like "Goblin Attack Force" and "Spear Dragon," among others, with 0 DEF.
  • This card can be very useful with "Truckroid", as it will have 2000 ATK, which is enough to attack over many common monsters, further increasing its ATK.
  • This card is very deadly against monsters with 0 DEF.
  • This can be used with "Mind Protector", giving it 2200 ATK as well as its continued effect of not allowing any monsters with 2000 or less attack to attack except for Psychics.
  • Since many Rock monsters have higher defense than attack, this would work well in a Rock theme Deck.
  • Use this card with Gemini monsters while they are being treated as Normal Monsters before summoning them or equipping "Supervise".
  • This card can basically counter "Chaos King Archfiend". This is only assuming that it will be attacking another Effect Monster.
  • This card works very well in a "Frog" Deck. Use "Substitoad" to Special Summon three "Dupe Frog", then activate "Des Croaking" (or "Lightning Vortex"), and you will have an OTK: All of the monsters used will have 2000 ATK, so three Dupe Frog and one Substitoad will deal 8000 damage. (Traditional Format only).
    • You can also achieve a "Dupe Frog Lock" with this strategy, stopping your opponent's attacks.
    • For a similar combo legal in Advanced Format, use "Tradetoad", "Limit Reverse" or a similar revival card, then use "Inferno Reckless Summon". You would only have 6000 ATK on the field after Inverse Universe, but you'd get the "Dupe Lock" and you'd also negate all advantage your opponent might have gained via Reckless Summon with Des Croaking.
  • Use this card with "Defender of the Ice Barrier" if you control another "Ice Barrier" monster (such as another "Defender of the Ice Barrier"). It will be difficult for your opponent to attack as most monsters will have over 200 ATK.
  • Good against "Monarchs" since they have only 1000 DEF.
  • Use this card with "Junk Gardna". Not only it can protect you from attacks by switching the positions of your opponent's monsters, it now can attack with a very good 2600 ATK stat.
  • After flipping "Snowman Eater" face-up, use this card to have a 1900 ATK monster instead of waiting for a card to use Snowman as a Tribute/Synchro/Xyz material.
  • Use this card to counter "Super Crashbug", resetting the values of all monsters on the field and possibly making it ram itself into another monster with its 0 ATK.
    • This card is also good with the "Crashbug" Archetype, as the "Crashbugs" have more DEF than ATK, particularly "Crashbug X".
  • Activating this after "D2 Shield" can be a potent means of attack increase, for example, an opponent attacked "Big Shield Gardna" this is activated bringing him to 5200; he switches to attack and is attacked by a more common to see monster like "Number 17: Leviathan Dragon" it's very possible you have performed an OTK right then and there.
  • Use this card with "Cyber Barrier Dragon" to have a 2800 ATK monster that can negate 1 attack per turn.

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