• This card can also be used with "Dimension Wall". You can take control of the attacking monster and your opponent takes the full damage you would have taken instead.
  • Using "Waboku" is a good way to avoid the damage you would have been dealt.
  • This card can be used in conjunction with "Kuriboh" and "Enchanted Javelin" to painlessly capture the attacking monster.
  • A potential strategy that works with this card is to have it equipped with "Mist Body", "Heart of Clear Water" or "Molting Escape" and have "Light of Intervention", "Battle Mania" and "Hallowed Life Barrier" set. When your opponent starts their turn, you can activate all of the trap cards and force the opponent to give up their entire field of monsters to you. This works best in a pinch or when needing Tribute fodder, but due to the 5 card minimum, it is unlikely that this combo will be used often.

Traditional Format

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