• As the card art implies, this card is very effective against "Monarchs".
  • There are an increasing number of high-Level monsters that can be Tribute Summoned with one Tribute under the right conditions (such as "Genex Solar", the abovementioned "Evil HERO Malicious Edge" and others) and this card is capable of countering all of them, so this card's usefulness will continue to increase.
  • Since field presence is even more important now that Synchro Monsters have come into use, you can steal the opponent's monster and tune it with a Tuner Monster of your own for a high-level Synchro Monster.
  • This card is useful for taking control of very high-Level monsters that have found ways around large Tribute costs, such as "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" Summoned with the use of "Light Effigy" or "Kaiser Sea Horse"; although it counts as two Tributes, that is only for the Tribute Summon, and for the purposes of this card it is still considered a single Tribute.
  • You can also use this against monsters summoned by the effect of Advance Force.