• This card's first effect can be used to send multiple copies of "Infernoid Tierra" from your Extra Deck to your Graveyard, giving yourself more "Infernoid" monsters to banish from your Graveyard for Summons later on.
  • The first effect of this card can be used to send copies of "Elder Entity N'tss" from your Extra Deck to your Graveyard to make use of the second effect of "N'tss", destroying cards your opponent controls that may prove to be problematic towards this card attacking your opponent without obstruction.
  • As this card's Level is above the Level limits the Main Deck "Infernoid" monsters' Summoning conditions, it is advisable to Summon this card last.
    • If you need to Summon this card early on to get the deck going, there are a few things you can do to prevent its high level from blocking further "Infernoid" summons.
      • You can Summon "Infernoid Harmadik" first, then Summon this card, then use Harmadik's effect to destroy it. Or you can Summon this card first, then summon a Harmadik off of "Void Feast".
      • Summon any of the Level 5 - 8 "Infernoids" before you Summon this card, then use one of their effects to Tribute off Tierra to banish a card from the opponent's Graveyard.
      • You can use "Void Imagination" to reduce this card's Level to 1. If you had to use Imagination to Summon this card, then having a second one in hand or searching for another one with "Void Vanishment" is an option.

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