• By boosting this monster's ATK with equip cards, you will do a lot damage to your opponent's life points.
  • Combine with "Rising Energy" to discard 1 FIRE monster and possibly deal 3000 or more damage. Then, you can use the FIRE monster you discarded for another "Inferno"
  • This card can be useful on "Shiranui decks
  • This card is a great combo with Darkworld Shackles". Wait until your opponent summons their ace monster, equip it with Darkworld Shackles to reduce it's attack to 100, then destroy it with Inferno to gain the additional effect damage.
  • You can use one FIRE monster to summon "Inferno", then the use the "Inferno" in your grave to summon the another "Inferno", then when "Inferno" #2 is destroyed, banish it for the already banished "Inferno".

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