• Because your opponent can verify cards that you're adding to your hand by effects, it may not be wise to add this card through "Infernity Archfiend"'s effect since your opponent will know what card you're getting. Add this card if you need to stall your opponent or if you have another "Infernity Force" set and you'll know your opponent can destroy one of them.
  • Use this card to bring back "Infernity Archfiend" to thin your deck and get a helpful card, "Infernity Necromancer" to revive more monsters later on, or "Infernity Doom Dragon" to burn your opponent's LP and destroy monster. Be careful about reviving "Infernity Archfiend", because using its effect adds a card in your hand, making another "Infernity Archfiend" that you could draw unable to be Special Summoned immediately or a "Infernity Guardian" you control vulnerable to destruction. In that case, make sure you have a card that requires discarding a card set on the field.

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