• This card second effect could work with "Neo Flamvell" gameplay mechanic.
  • If you want to activate this card's last effect without waiting your opponent to do it, you can use "Goka, the Pyre of Malice", "Bonfire Colossus" or "Fire King" cards.
  • If there are 6-8 FIRE monsters in your Graveyard, you can this card's last effect to adjust the number of monsters in there to 5 in order to summon "Pyrorex the Elemental Lord". (Just remember that this card and its Xyz materials count towards the number of monsters your Graveyard.)


  • Level 4 Pyro-Type monsters:
 Japanese namePrimary typeSecondary typeAttributeATKDEF
Barrier Statue of the Inferno業火の結界像Effect MonsterFIRE10001000
Blazing Inpachi火炎木人 18Normal MonsterFIRE18500
Burning Beast灼岩魔獣Effect MonsterUnion monsterFIRE15001000
Darkfire Soldier #1バーニングソルジャーNormal MonsterFIRE17001150
Darkfire Soldier #2炎の剣豪Normal MonsterFIRE17001100
Elemental HERO HeatE・HERO ザ・ヒートEffect MonsterFIRE16001200
Elemental HERO Lady HeatE・HERO レディ・オブ・ファイアEffect MonsterFIRE13001000
Evilswarm O'lanternヴェルズ・オランタEffect MonsterDARK16501250
Evilswarm Obliviwispヴェルズ・オ・ウィスプEffect MonsterDARK4502050
Fire Handファイヤー・ハンドEffect MonsterFIRE16001000
Fire PrincessビッグバンガールEffect MonsterFIRE13001500
Fireyarou炎の魔神Normal MonsterFIRE13001000
Flame Ruler炎を支配する者Effect MonsterFIRE15001600
Flame Spirit Ignis炎の魔精イグニスEffect MonsterFIRE15001200
Gaia Soul the Combustible Collective爆炎集合体ガイヤ・ソウルEffect MonsterFIRE20000
Gem-Knight Garnetジェムナイト・ガネットNormal MonsterEARTH19000
Gem-Knight Sardonyxジェムナイト・サニクスEffect MonsterGemini monsterEARTH1800900
Guardian Cealガーディアン・シールEffect MonsterFIRE17001400
Gundari軍荼利Effect MonsterSpirit monsterFIRE1000200
Helios - The Primordial Sun原始太陽ヘリオスEffect MonsterLIGHT??
Inari Fire稲荷火Effect MonsterFIRE1500200
InfernoインフェルノEffect MonsterFIRE11001900
Lady Assailant of Flames炎の女暗殺者Effect MonsterFlip monsterFIRE15001000
Laval Magma Cannoneerラヴァルのマグマ砲兵Effect MonsterFIRE1700200
Laval Phlogisラヴァル・フロギスEffect MonsterFIRE1700800
Molten Zombie灼熱ゾンビEffect MonsterFIRE1600400
Neo Flamvell Sabreネオフレムベル・サーベルEffect MonsterFIRE1500200
Old Entity Chthugha古神クトグアSynchro Monster
Effect Monster
Prominence Handプロミネンス・ハンドEffect MonsterFIRE6002000
Royal Firestorm Guards炎帝近衛兵Effect MonsterFIRE17001200
Solar Flare Dragonプロミネンス・ドラゴンEffect MonsterFIRE15001000
Spirit of Flames炎の精霊 イフリートEffect MonsterFIRE17001000
Spiritual Beast Apelio精霊獣 アペライオEffect MonsterWIND1800200
Tenkabito Shien天下人 紫炎Effect MonsterFIRE15001000
The Thing in the Crater火口に潜む者Effect MonsterFIRE10001200
Volcanic Rocketヴォルカニック・ロケットEffect MonsterFIRE19001400
Volcanic Slicerヴォルカニック・エッジEffect MonsterFIRE18001200

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