• If your deck is built to be capable of Xyz Summoning Rank 1 Monsters, using this card in conjunction with "Mira the Star-Bearer". The effect of Mira will allow you to continuously use Infernal Dragon to attack and not constantly require a monster to tribute and revive it from your Graveyard, giving you a powerful DARK Dragon-Type 2000 ATK Beatstick with no negative effects or difficult Summoning requirements.
  • You can keep this card on the field with "Skill Drain" even if it already attacked.
  • This card works well on a Hieratic deck.
  • After attacking with this card, Tribute it to summon another monster during your Main Phase 2 before "Infernal Dragon's" own effect destroys it.
  • This card can work well in a "Strike Ninja" Deck. You need a Strike Ninja on the field and two "D.D. Scout Planes" or "D.D. Survivor" in the Graveyard. Every turn you can remove the "Scout Planes" with "Strike Ninja's" effect and use them as a Tributes for "Infernal Dragon's" effect. "Infernal Dragon" also helps get rid of useless "Scout Planes" and puts them in the Graveyard for "Strike Ninja".
  • This card can easily summon any of the Meklords

Traditional Format

  • This card also combos nicely with "Card of Safe Return", allowing a draw every time it is brought back.

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