• This card brings back 2 Gladiator Beast CARDS, not just monsters (check the errata).
  • This card can be used to return the various Gladiator Beast Fusions to the Extra Deck.
  • Try to discard as many Gladiator Beasts as possible then continuously play this for a massive attack boost (2 Gladiator Beasts in your graveyard are returned to the deck every time you want to return this card from your graveyard to your hand).
  • This card can be used on any Gladiator Beast with an ATK over 1500 to counter "G.B. Hunter" which can be hard to get rid of because of its 2000 DEF.
  • This card is invaluable when used a deck that features both Lightsworn and Gladiator Beast monsters. This card helps by providing a way to get back your Gladiator Beasts and the Lightsworn fuel the milling that you need for this card to work.

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