• "Mist Body" may be used to avoid battle destruction of this card while in Defense Position then it can be shifted back to Attack Position to attack once again. However, this combo might be broken by a piercing battle damage effect or with the effect of a card like "Drillroid" or "Ninja Grandmaster Sasuke" unless Traps that can negate attacks or battle damage are used, or destroy/remove the attacking monster(s).
  • Use "Forbidden Chalice" to temporarily negate this card's drawback for one turn while gaining 400 extra ATK points, thereby leaving it in Attack Mode until your next turn.
  • Remember, there is no need to attack with this card on your turn. Since it has attack power equal to many Level 5 and even Level 6 monsters, it can just be left in Attack Mode without attacking and have it protect your Life Points.

Traditional Format

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