• "Archfiend Zombie-Skull" will prevent your monsters from being destroyed when this leaves the field. It will also protect "Il Blud" from being destroyed by "Solemn Warning", but won't prevent negating the effect.
    • "Il Blud" can Summon AZS quickly if "Zombie World" is out. Use "Il Blud" to revive "Spirit Reaper", Special Summon a "Level Eater" by its own effect, and revive "Plaguespreader" however you can (with its effect, if necessary).
  • In a small number of turns, you can easily have three monsters on the field to use as Tributes with this card's Special Summoning effect, for monsters such as the Wicked Gods, which would be hastened even more due to the type of Deck that uses this card.
  • When "Il Blud" is about to be removed from the field, use "Book of Moon" targeting "Il Blud" to save all Zombies revived by its effect, as when a card is flipped-down, the affiliation and relationship it had to other cards is reset. This combo will also likely negate the effect of the card designating "Il Blud" in the first place, as most monster removal cards only deal with face-up monsters.
  • An ideal target for "Il Blud's" effect is "Goblin Zombie", since "Goblin Zombie" activates its effect regardless of how it's sent from the field to the Graveyard (including by "Il Blud" being removed from the field).
  • Use this card with "Zombie World" to revive powerful monsters in your opponent's Graveyard.
  • Have at least two "Il Bluds" and use one to Summon the other from the Graveyard. Note that all monsters revived by the second one will also be attached to the first one.
  • Try to avoid Normal Summoning "Il Blud" so you don't have to wait for its effect. Set "Pyramid Turtle", wait for your opponent to destroy it (or Flip Summon it and ram it into a bigger monster), Special Summon "Il Blud", then use its effect to reuse the "Pyramid Turtle".
  • Use "Mezuki" to Tribute Summon this card. When "Il Blud" is destroyed, revive it with "Mezuki".
  • Special Summon "Cyber Dragon" in your Main Phase 1, attack to check for Traps, then Tribute it for "Il Blud" in Main Phase 2. Next turn, if you have "Zombie World", you can get your "Cyber Dragon" back.
  • While "Zombie World" is on the field, you may use this card's effect to Summon "Card Guard". Place his counter on "Il Blud", then Tribute "Card Guard" for "Dark Dust Spirit". You now can attack your opponent directly for 4300, and repeat the same thing next turn.
  • It is recommended to only run 2 "Il Bluds". Having 3 just increases your odds of drawing them, which generally won't help.
  • Use "Call of the Mummy" to Special Summon "Il Blud" from your hand, then use your Normal Summon to activate its effect on the same turn.

Traditional Format

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