• "Call of the Mummy" can be used to Special Summon this card, which can then be Normal Summoned and gain its effect.
    • Likewise, "Catalyst Field" can be used to enable this card's Normal Summon without a Tribute and give its effects.
  • This card can be combined with "Zombie World" to Summon monsters of any original Type and from either player's Graveyard.
  • The monsters Special Summoned by this card can be used as fodder for other card's effects, Tributed or used as Material for Extra Deck Summons, so that they won't be attached to this card. "Double Coston" is a good candidate for such an effect allowing you to summon monsters such as "Despair from the Dark".
  • Effects like that of "Book of Moon", "Invoked Raidjin", etc can be used to change this card to face-down defense position in order to save all Zombies revived by its effect.
  • An ideal target for this card's effect is "Goblin Zombie", since it activates its effect regardless of how it's sent from the field to the Graveyard, including by being destroyed by this card's effect.
  • Another ideal target for this card's effect is "Bone Crusher" which gives you the opportunity to destroy an opponent's spell/trap card when special summoned from the Graveyard by a Zombie card's effect.

Traditional Format

  • This card can be Special Summoned from the Graveyard with "Daigusto Emeral".

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