• At least 2 "Hunter Owls" under your control will create an Attack Lockdown, with each one having 2000 ATK. (3 "Hunter Owls" will give you an Attack Lockdown and 2500 ATK per monster.)
  • While this card is in the Graveyard, activate "Limit Reverse" and combine it with "Inferno Reckless Summon", which then will give you 3 "Hunter Owls". Each will have at least 2500 ATK and your opponent will be unable to attack them.
  • Use "Hysteric Party" to summon 4 "Harpie Ladies" with this card on the field. That alone will give this card a 2000 ATK boost from its own effect, but if 3 of them are copies of "Harpie Lady 1" then that will further boost this card by 900 resulting in a total of 3900. In addition to the boosted ATK of the 4 Harpies that's easily enough for an OTK.

Traditional Format

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