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  • The easiest way to use this card would be to attack a low-ATK monster (or reduce the ATK of an opponent's monster) and attack that monster with this.
    • However, a similar trick could be pulled off using a card like "Asura Priest" to suicide your "House Duston" and then attacking all the Dustons you summon for massive damage.
    • Use cards like "Darkworld Shackles" to reduce the opponent's monster's ATK to a reasonable amount. Then, you can kill it with another monster after you use up your "House Duston".
    • Also, one can use this card together with "Final Attack Orders" and "Mirror Mail" to lockdown an aggressive opponent's entire field on the second turn. To do so, you must take the first turn, or at least produce a similar scenario if attempted later in the game– as it is important that the opponent only uses 1 monster to attack on the following turn. Set the two trap cards and "House Duston", then wait for the opponent to attack. When they do, use both traps to force "House Duston" into attack mode with equal ATK as the attacking monster. The two destroy each other, and you will be able to unload 10 Duston monsters in one play.
  • A good combination with "House Duston's" effect is "Goblin King". Since all Duston monsters are "Fiends", "Goblin King" can potentially reach 8000 ATK (9000 if the opponent had a fiend-type monster to begin with).
  • Use cards like "Ceasefire" and "Just Desserts" to burn your opponent for extremely large quantities of damage at one time.
  • As an alternative strategy, this card can be used as a Deck thinner, since it can thin your Deck by up to 10 cards at once, although you should be careful with the Dustons negative effects.

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