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  • The easiest way to use this card's effect would be to ram it into an opponent's low-ATK monster (perhaps by first reducing that monster's ATK).
    • Use a card like "Darkworld Shackles" to reduce an opponent's monster's ATK to a reasonable amount. This also allows that monster to be easily destroyed later after you use this card.
  • For optimal results, Summon (up to) 3 copies of "White Duston" and 2 copies of "House Duston" to your side of the field, while Summoning the other members of the "Duston" archetype with their negative effects to your opponent's side of the field.
  • You can reuse this card's effect by Special Summoning it via "Kinka-byo".
  • "Goblin King" works well with this card's effect. Since all "Duston" monsters are Fiend-Type, "Goblin King" can potentially reach 8000 ATK.
  • As an alternative strategy, this card can be used as a Deck thinner, since it can thin your Deck by up to 10 cards at once, although you should be careful with the "Duston" monsters' negative effects.

Traditional Format

  • If this card's effect is used successfully, "Kaiser Colosseum" can prevent the opponent from Summoning any further monsters.

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