• Activate "Horn of the Phantom Beast", when your opponent declares an attack, during the Damage Step, to destroy the opponent's monster and draw one card.
  • This card can work well with a "Koa'ki Meiru" deck since this deck relies on maintaining hand advantage and there are a couple of Beast-Warrior monsters that are often used.
  • If you use this card with "Gladiator Beast Heraklinos" you will get 3800 beatstick and have more card to discard for its effect.
  • This card also work well with "The Fabled" monsters, since they are Beast-type monsters that deplete the hand very quickly.
    • Particularly, it makes "The Fabled Unicore" rather hard to destroy, since "Unicore" can negate card effects when appropriate and will have 3100 ATK to destroy by battle most monsters.
    • Equip this card to "The Fabled Kokkator" - if it destroys a monster by battle, you'll discard "Fabled" and draw 2 cards - a major advantage for one battle (+3).
  • Because of the inherent synergy between them, this card is very good in Decks including both "Beast King Barbaros" and "Photon Sabre Tiger", as well as "Skill Drain". Because both of these monsters are valid targets for this card and both benefit from a face-up Skill Drain, Summoning either of these monsters and setting cards in your Spell/Trap Zone will make your opponent refrain from attacking, as it's very likely their attack will fail and their monster will end up being destroyed.
  • This card is also very good at generating advantage when paired with "Wind-Up Rabbit", since "Rabbit" can "dodge" any kind of effect-based removal by banishing itself, but can also launch a surprise attack against any monster that might try to attack it by raising its ATK to 2200.
  • Flamvell Firedog is an excellent candidate for this card because it will more easily overpower other monsters by battle to use its search/summon effect while also enabling it to thin one extra card from the deck each time it does so.

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