• Chain other cards that require you to pay Life Points to increase the number of cards you draw through this card.
    • Additionally, use "Life Absorbing Machine" to cut the cost for the cards used in half.
    • Activate all 3 of your "Hope For Escape" together. You'll pay 3000 and then the cards will resolve, meaning you'll draw into 1 extra card for each copy you activated.
  • If you are trying win with an "Exodia"/"Forbidden One" Deck (or other alternative win condition), your opponent's Life Points are not important. Use "Upstart Goblin" and "Gift Card" to increase your opponent's Life Points while allowing you to draw.
    • "Wall of Revealing Light" and "Red Screen" can be used to stall and further increase the number of cards you draw.
    • In addition to "Gift Card," "Tri-and-Guess" is another great choice to increase your opponent LPs without having to rely too much on lowering your own LPs with cards like "Wall of Revealing Light."
      • Because "Tri-and-Guess" will reveal both players' Extra Decks, it will help you to figure out your opponent's strategy.
      • Considering the high chance your opponent's LP will be much higher than yours after using some copies of "Gift Card" and "Tri-and-Guess", your opponent will most likely try to negate this card's activation to avoid you from getting massive draw power. Try to protect this card with Counter Trap Cards like "Solemn Warning," "Dark Bribe," "Seven Tools of the Bandit."
      • Use "Gold Sarcophagus" to try to get this card early on the Duel so you don't have to wait extra turns trying to get at least one copy of this card.
  • Use this card in a Deck focused on "Elemental HERO Air Neos". If you can get your opponent's field clear with the drawn cards, it won't matter how high your opponent's Life Points are.
  • In a different strategy, you can instead increase your opponent's Life Points with cards like "Kuribon", "Upstart Goblin", "Gift Card", etc, then activate this card. After that, use "Life Equalizer" to equalize both players' Life Points.
  • Use cards with Life Point costs like "Solemn Judgment", "My Body as a Shield", "Solemn Warning", "Seven Tools of the Bandit" or "Wall of Revealing Light" to lower your own Life Points while disrupting your opponent's strategy.

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