• Likewise, she is a good target for "Saambell the Summoner". Summon "Saambell" from the Graveyard with "Spellbook of Life" by banishing a Level 5 monster. Then use the effect of "Saambell" to Summon this monster from your hand. Then, once "Saambell" is sent to the Graveyard (or "Spellbook of Life" is destroyed), this monster can use the discarded "Spellbook of Life" for her effect.
  • With this card and "Strength of Prophecy" on the field, "Spellbook of Secrets" in your hand and "Spellbook of Eternity" in your hand or Graveyard. Your "Spellbooks" can quite easily be recycled with the effect of "High Priestess". Activate "Secrets" to search out a "Spellbook" card or "Eternity". Activate the effect of "High Priestess", banish "Secrets", and destroy one card. Activate "Eternity" and add "Secrets" back to your hand. Finally activate the effect of "Strength", then add "Eternity" back to your Deck. During your next turn, the process can be repeated.

Traditional Format

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