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  • Target this card with an effect of your own that doesn't destroy it.
  • Use "Dragard's" effect on this card to make it level 8, then summon a level 8 normal dragon with this card's effect and Xyz summon a Rank 8.
  • This card works well with"Dragon's Rebirth" and "Chaos Zone" Target this card with "Dragon's Rebirth", which will trigger its effect. Special Summon a Dragon from either your hand, Deck or Graveyard. Then, the banishing effect of "Dragon's Rebirth" will activate, putting a Chaos Counter on "Chaos Zone" and giving you a free Dragon from your hand or Graveyard.
  • One of this card's best uses is with "Skill Successor", "Mischief of the Yokai" and "Skill Prisoner" because you can banish them from the Graveyard to target a face-up monster. This ultimately means that "Hieratic Dragon of Nuit" can be targeted by cards in your Graveyard meaning you could get a possible 2 uses out of the same card (not during the same turn of course).

Traditional Format


  Japanese name Level Attribute Monster type ATK DEF
Advanced Chemical Beast Hy Dragon 進化合獣ヒュードラゴン 8 WATER Gemini monster 200 2,800
Alexandrite Dragon アレキサンドライドラゴン 4 LIGHT 2,000 100
B. Dragon Jungle King 密林の黒竜王 6 EARTH 2,100 1,800
Baby Dragon ベビードラゴン 3 WIND 1,200 700
Blackland Fire Dragon 暗黒の竜王 4 DARK 1,500 800
Blue-Eyes White Dragon 青眼の白龍 8 LIGHT 3,000 2,500
Chthonian Emperor Dragon ヘルカイザー・ドラゴン 6 FIRE Gemini monster 2,400 1,500
Crawling Dragon 地を這うドラゴン 5 EARTH 1,600 1,400
Curse of Dragon カース・オブ・ドラゴン 5 DARK 2,000 1,500
Darkstorm Dragon ダークストーム・ドラゴン 8 DARK Gemini monster 2,700 2,500
… further results

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