• Use this card's effect during your opponent's turn to disrupt their potential Synchro or Xyz Summons.
  • Use this card's effect during your opponent's turn while you control "Clear Wing Synchro Dragon" to discourage them from activating the effects of their monsters that were originally Level 4.


 Japanese namePrimary typeAttributeTypeLevel/ RankATKDEF
Speedroid Den-Den Daiko DukeSR電々大公Effect MonsterWINDMachine310001000
Speedroid DominobutterflySRドミノバタフライPendulum Monster
Effect Monster
Speedroid Gum PrizeSR-OMKガムEffect MonsterWINDMachine10800
Speedroid MaliciousmagnetSRアクマグネEffect MonsterWINDMachine100
Speedroid Red-Eyed DiceSR赤目のダイスEffect MonsterWINDMachine1100100
Speedroid Tri-Eyed DiceSR三つ目のダイスEffect MonsterWINDMachine33001500

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