• In terms of battle damage (from direct attacks) or eliminating multiple monsters, use "Blade Armor Ninja". For eliminating high ATK monsters and having a temporary shield, use this card.
  • Your opponent can be OTK with this card's own effect and both "Heroic Chance" and "Riryoku". Your opponent must have a face-up Attack Position monster to do this.
  • Equip this card with two "Magnum Shield" for 8000 ATK point OTK. Be sure to do this AFTER using the effect of "Excalibur" or its effect will reset its ATK to 4000.
  • Use this card's effect with "Xyz Override", a card in lieu of 1 Material can be banished, making this card a 2 shot effect instead of 1
    • If "Xyz Override" is used with this card's effect, this card can then be equipped with "Stoic Challenge". This card will have a minimum of 4600 ATK, and will be able to inflict double battle damage, allowing for an OTK provided that your opponent controls a face-up Attack Position monster with 600 ATK or less. Use "Magnum shield" to further boost or "Burden of the Mighty" to help bring the damage into OTK range.
  • Add "Ebon Arrow" to this card and activate the effect of "Excalibur". Combo with "Heroic Chance" to deal 8000 damage. (Requirements: One Defense Position monster on the opponent's field.)

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