• Play this card right after having used "O - Oversoul" so you have at least 2 Normal Heroes to attack the opponent.
    • Summon "Elemental HERO Neos" using "O - Oversoul" in tandem with the above combo, allowing you to deal at least 5000 damage to your opponent in one turn.
  • Use "De-Fusion" on one of your Fusion "HERO" monsters, so you have two more Normal Monsters (assuming its Materials were Normal Monsters) to directly attack the opponent.
  • Use "Magical Hats" to get 2 of the spells needed into the grave.
    • Kuribandit can help get this strategy off with Magical Hats pretty quickly as well as possibly excavate this card while milling the rest.
  • Having every normal "Elemental HERO" on the field except "Clayman" will deal the most damage, unless you use a card like "Weapon Change" to increase his ATK.

Traditional Format

  • Use a card like "Painful Choice" to dump the needed cards into the Graveyard.

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