• Combo this card with "Athena" for a Aggro-Burn strategy. Use this card's effect to negate card effects, and use "Athena" to Special Summon the monsters that was discarded. Try to use this card's effect to discard powerful ones.
    • Discard "Honest" for either this card's or its own effect, use "Athena" to revive it, then use the effect of "Honest" to return it to your hand.
  • Equip this card with "Mist Body" or "Ritual Weapon", so it can stay longer on the field.
    • Ritual Summon this monster in Defense Position and use "Ritual Weapon" to have a 4300 DEF wall that negates all card effects, so long as your hand is stocked with Fairies.
  • At 2800 DEF, this card can serve as a near-insurmountable wall against your opponent's forces. Your opponent will have difficulty getting past that, especially if "Djinn Releaser of Rituals" is forcing them to stick with Normal Summons and this card's own effect negates any efforts to boost their monsters' ATK.
    • By using a powerful Fairy-Type monster to fuel this card's effect such as "Splendid Venus", and then bringing it back with Special Summon effects, this card can left as a defender while still having high-ATK monsters available. The ATK-reducing effect of "Venus" will also make getting over this card's DEF even more difficult for your opponent.
  • "Mudora" can be used as a low Level beatstick to make up for the amount of discard Fairy-Type monsters.
  • This card works well with "Exodius the Ultimate Forbidden Lord".
    • Can be used as a powerful offensive tool under the protection of "Perfection".
    • Can be used to prevent a Deck out.
    • Can be used with "Advanced Ritual Art" to instantly strengthen "Exodius" the same time as Summoning "Perfection".
    • Can be used as an alternative "Forbidden One"/"Exodia" Deck.
    • Can be used to help Summon "Archlord Kristya" (with "Perfection") to create a near perfect lockdown.
  • Use "Pot of Benevolence" or "Pot of Avarice" to recycle the Fairy-Type monsters. "Pot of Avarice" has the added advantage of allowing yourself to potentially draw your Fairies quickly.
  • Have "Royal Decree" out with this card to make sure your opponent doesn't use cards like "Divine Wrath" to stop this card.
  • If there is a non-Fairy cards in your hand, leave them there as a bluff.
  • Be selective about which cards to negated. Some cards may not be worth spending a Fairy on.
    • On the same note, choosing not to negate a card may trick your opponent into thinking that there are no Fairies in your hand.
  • Use "Dark Factory of Mass Production" and "Backup Soldier" to return Fairies from your grave to your hand.

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