• Equip this to "Inzektor Centipede" to get Inzektor Centipede's effect to add an Inzektor card from your deck to your hand like "Inzektor Hornet". This card is a great choice to put in your Inzektor deck since Inzektor Hornet is limited.
  • Equip this to "Lord of D." to protect your dragons on the field.
  • In a Thunder deck, equip this to a "Batteryman D" to create a lock.
  • This card is greatly useful together with "Gear Golem the Moving Fortress", since you'd defend your field or yet attack continuously with it by using "Gear Golem's" effect.
  • While you control "White Dragon Ninja", it won't get destroyed by its own effect, so it can be equipped to any monster, regardless of their ATK.

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