• This can be a good addition to a "The Calculator" Deck, since the point of this deck is to summon monsters with lots of stars.
  • This card makes good use of "Greed Quasar", because it can increase its own Level with each monster it destroys, which gives you more Life Points each turn.
  • You can use this card with "Honest".
  • This card is great for a Psychic deck for you to recover Life Points.
  • Also this card is good in a deck using the Yubels.
  • This card can be effective in any LV deck.
  • Normal summon it in attack position to equip it with "Heart of Clear Water" and gain life each turn. The damage you took will eventually be gain back if you control any high level monster.
  • You can use Gagaga Magician to change it's level up to 8, for getting more life points.

Traditional Format

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