• You can also recycle this card with "Hazy Glory".
  • This cards first effect overlaps with the first effect of "Hazy Glory", hence why most duelists do not run the latter card in their Deck. However, the two cards are still great together, if you choose to run both in a Hazy Flame Deck.
    • If you draw Hazy Glory first, use its 1st effect (in place of Hazy Pillar) to aid in normal summoning Hazy Flame monsters until you have an active Hazy Pillar on the field. Once you have Hazy Pillar, Hazy Glory is no longer necessary, hence its 2nd effect. Use its 2nd effect to add a fallen Hazy Flame from Graveyard to hand, and then use that monster as an extra attacker, to help set up an Xyz Summon, or for the 2nd effect of Hazy Pillar.
  • While Rank 6 Xyz Monsters will almost always be the easiest to summon in a Hazy Flame Deck, "Hazy Pillar" allows the player to attach "Hazy Flame" monsters to Xyz Monsters of any Rank.

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