• This card can be searched by "Dogu", "Single Purchase", "Transmodify", "Broken Blocker", "Hazy Flame Cerbereus" and another "Hazy Flame Peryton".
  • Keep in mind that without a FIRE monster in your hand, Hazy Flame Peryton cannot use its search/special summon effect. Furthermore, some monsters are better to discard from your hand than others for its effect, since the purpose of Peryton's effect is to overlay into a rank 6 Xyz monster, especially Hazy Flame Basiltrice.
  • Hazy Glory can return the FIRE monster discarded from your hand to use Peryton's effect if it is a Hazy Flame monster. It can also be used to normal summon Hazy Flame Peryton a second time by adding it to your hand.
  • If you want to abuse the effects of 3 of this card, "Volcanic Shell" can be used to add copies of itself to the hand to fulfill part of "Peryton's" cost.
  • By using this card's effect to discard another "Hazy Flame" monster and summon 2 "Hazy Flame Hydras" from your Deck, you can Xyz Summon either "Hazy Flame Basiltrice" or "Evolzar Solda" (as "Hazy Flame Hydra" is a Dinosaur-type monster and "Evolzar Solda" is FIRE), then attach this card and the discarded monster as additional Xyz Material, giving you either a 3300-ATK monster that can't be targeted by card effects (and can be brought to full power by the 2nd effect of "Hazy Pillar") or a 2600-ATK monster that can negate 4 of your opponent's Special Summon attempts.

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