• You can use "Swallow's Nest" to bring "Harpie Queen" to the field faster.
  • Because this card name is treated as "Harpie Lady" only while on the field or in the Graveyard, it gets around the restriction of other Harpie monsters that limit them to a total of 3 of any "Harpie Lady". Therefore, you can now have 6 monsters in your deck that are treated as "Harpie Lady". This allows for even more powering up of "Harpie's Pet Dragon" or "Harpie's Pet Baby Dragon", without having to use "Harpie Lady Sisters" or "Harpie Girl".
    • However, the drawback is that you cannot Special Summon her from the Deck using "Elegant Egotist", or search for it with "Birdface". Therefore, it is harder to get out than other "Harpie Lady" cards. Still, once it is on the field you can use "Elegant Egotist" to summon other Harpies, and while it is in the Graveyard you can Special Summon it with "Hysteric Party".
  • This card is a better alternative to "Cyber Harpie Lady", as it has: a superior effect; does not count towards the 3 card limit; and higher stats.
    • But actually you don't have to decide between these two because Harpie Decks usually use 3 "Harpie Queens" and furthermore 3 of the monster, which are treated as "Harpie Lady". So you rather have to decide whether "Cyber Harpie Lady" or "Harpie Lady 1" fits your deck better.
  • While this card can search out "Harpies' Hunting Ground", "Terraforming" or a similar card would be better as this card is much more valuable to use with "Elegant Egotist" and other Harpie cards.
  • Due to "Harpie Queen's" unique effect of being treated as a "Harpie Lady" on the field or in the Graveyard, a great way to take down an opponent is to use "Hysteric Party" to bring back all your Harpies to the field. Once they are on the field, equip "Chthonian Alliance" to "Harpie Queen" making her Attack power go up by 800 ATK for every monster with the same name. Since they are treated as "Harpie Lady", she will get a bonus of 4,000 ATK, making it become 5,900 ATK. With an additional 300 ATK boost from any "Harpie Lady 1" you may have and, if you also have a field card such as "Rising Air Current" active, it will make her attack a grand total of 7,300.
  • "Harpie Queen" is treated as "Harpie Lady" as soon as it is summoned to the field, so when "Harpies' Hunting Ground" activates, it chains to the "Harpie Lady" that was just Summoned, so its effect activates.
  • This card also eliminates the need to include multiple copies of "Harpie Lady Sisters", as this card is much easier to summon at the compromise of having 50 less attack points. However, you might still consider a few "Harpie Lady Sisters" for the sake of using "Triangle Ecstasy Spark" and to simply increase the number of Harpies in your deck.
  • For a quick Synchro Summon, discard this card using its effect, then, using "Silpheed's" effect from your hand, remove "Harpie Queen" to Special Summon it, then summon a Tuner Monster such as "Mist Valley Soldier" however you can.

Traditional Format

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