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  • Use this card's effect while "Harpies' Hunting Ground" is active to destroy more of your opponent's Spell and Trap Cards.
  • Combining this card with "Divine Wind of Mist Valley" will allow you to Summon 2 monsters with just this card's effect, allowing for massive swarming.
  • If you Special Summon this card, you can use it to get "Debris Dragon"'s effect twice in one turn by summoning it, then returning it to the hand to summon again.
  • Although this card is ideally meant to support the "Harpie" series, remember that any WIND monsters may interact with this card's effect as cost or target.
    • "Silpheed" is a good example of a WIND monster with a Special Summon ability that can act as fodder for this card's effect allowing you an extra Normal Summon for a more helpful WIND monster.
  • This card works well with "Harpie Channeler".

Traditional Format

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