• You can use the Pendulum Effect of "Oafdragon Magician" to add this card in your Extra Deck back to your hand.
    • You can also use "Amazing Pendulum" to add both this card and any other Pendulum "Magician" from your Extra Deck back to your hand as long as your Pendulum Zones are empty.


  • "Magician" Pendulum Monsters other than "Harmonizing Magician":
 Japanese nameSecondary typeAttributeTypeLevel/ RankScaleATKDEF
Acrobatic Magician曲芸の魔術師DARKSpellcaster528002300
Black Fang Magician黒牙の魔術師DARKSpellcaster481700800
Dharma-Eye Magician法眼の魔術師LIGHTSpellcaster7220002500
Double Iris Magician虹彩の魔術師DARKSpellcaster4815001000
Dragoncaller Magician降竜の魔術師DARKSpellcaster7224001000
Dragonpit Magician竜穴の魔術師WATERSpellcaster789002700
Dragonpulse Magician竜脈の魔術師EARTHSpellcaster411800900
Nobledragon Magician貴竜の魔術師Tuner monsterFIRESpellcaster357001400
Oafdragon Magician賤竜の魔術師WINDSpellcaster6221001400
Performapal Five-Rainbow MagicianEM五虹の魔術師LIGHTSpellcaster112100100
Purple Poison Magician紫毒の魔術師DARKSpellcaster4112002100
Stargazer Magician星読みの魔術師DARKSpellcaster5112002400
Timebreaker Magician刻剣の魔術師DARKSpellcaster3214000
Timegazer Magician時読みの魔術師DARKSpellcaster381200600
White Wing Magician白翼の魔術師Tuner monsterWINDSpellcaster4116001400
Wisdom-Eye Magician慧眼の魔術師LIGHTSpellcaster4515001500
Xiangke Magician相克の魔術師DARKSpellcaster732500500
Xiangsheng Magician相生の魔術師LIGHTSpellcaster485001500

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