Traditional Format

  • In a Night Gusto Deck you can combo this well with "Sangan". Get this card on the field while you have "Sangan" in hand. Summon him and Synchro for Level 6 "Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier". Afterwards when the effect of "Sangan" effect goes off, chose "Gusto Griffin". Then by discarding him you can Summon a free monster and bounce and an opponents monster.


 Japanese namePrimary typeTypeAttributeLevelATKDEF
Gusto Egulガスタ・イグルEffect MonsterWinged BeastWIND1200400
Gusto Falcoガスタ・ファルコEffect MonsterWinged BeastWIND26001400
Gusto Griffinガスタ・グリフEffect MonsterWinged BeastWIND2800300
Gusto Squirroガスタ・スクイレルEffect MonsterThunderWIND201800
Kamui, Hope of Gustoガスタの希望 カムイEffect MonsterPsychicWIND22001000
Winda, Priestess of Gustoガスタの巫女 ウィンダEffect MonsterPsychicWIND21000400

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