• Use in "Fabled" Decks, as their effects will trigger upon being discarded for this card's cost.
    • Note that "Dark World" cards will not act the same way, as their effects specify being discarded by a card effect, not a cost.
  • Be extremely wary of Quick-Play Spell-destruction effects, like "Mystical Space Typhoon", that can be Chained to this card, as then you will not be able to draw 2 cards initially (since this is a Continuous Spell that must stay on the field to apply its effects), and will have lost 5-6 cards for absolutely nothing.
    • Also, be even more mindful about that because it is no longer possible to draw a card in the very first turn because of the new rulings. Because of that, you'll be one card short to activate this card if you are first in the Duel. So if you go second, your opponent might have Set a "Mystical Space Typhoon" in his first turn.
  • Aim to run this card in a Deck which can maintain good hand advantage throughout the game, as otherwise drawing this card later in the Duel may result in a dead draw.
  • Make sure you have some defense set up before using this card in case it gets destroyed or you don't draw suitable cards after paying the cost. Having a set "Swords of Revealing Light" on the field ready to use can buy time to regain hand advantage.
  • This card can add some consistency to a "Heart of the Underdog" variant of an Exodia deck with the extra draw per turn, as well as getting rid of excess normal monsters for the initial draw two cards.
  • Pendulum-based decks can benefit from this card, as they are notoriously known for eating up your hand. While getting the needed amount of cards to pay for this card may take some effort, the extra drawing power can help replenish the hand quickly. To speed up the process, use cards like "Pendulum Back" to recover any lost cards or gather the needed amount to pay for this card's cost.

Traditional Format

  • Set this card on the field, then flip "Morphing Jar" to immediately get 5 cards in your hand (no matter how few you had before), allowing this card's cost to be paid.

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