• This card, along with "Colossal Fighter", is an ideal bait for "Gamushara", as its low defense will invite attacks by weaker monsters, allowing you to turn the tables.
  • Revive this card with the effect of "Colossal Fighter" on your opponent's turn to take advantage of its attack-forcing ability.
  • Combine this card with "Junk Gardna" in order to switch an opponent's monster to Defense Position during their turn and then take advantage of this card's attack-forcing ability.
  • Consider using a card the generates monsters on your opponent's field. This will ensure a nice Attack boost by its Synchro Summon effect as well as possible targets for its Position Change effect.
    • Use "Ojama Trio" for three "Ojama Tokens", The opponent will have difficulty removing them before you switch them into Attack position and force them to attack your monsters.
    • Consider "Gilasaurus", which Special Summons itself as well as a monster from your opponent's Graveyard. Then, you can use that monster with a Level 3 Tuner to pull this card out.
  • Can be special summoned using "Marauding Captain" and a level 3 tuner in your hand.

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