• This card combos very well with "Vylon Alpha".
  • This card does negate graveyard effects of destroyed monsters by the controller of this card so long as they activate within the battle phase.
  • Remember, any bonus attack damage granted by the effect of "Gravity Blaster" remains even if the spell is flipped face-down, banished, or destroyed/sent to the graveyard. For example: "Mystical Space Typhoon" would destroy "Gravity Blaster", but the attack bonus will remain.
    • This is one of the best way for maintaining power boosts for "Vylon Alpha", since most power-booster cards suitable for it (mostly are Vylon Equip Cards) are usually vulnerable from Spell/Trap clearing effects.
  • A "Dinomist" deck can benefit from this card greatly since the Pendulum effects of "Dinomist" monsters can protect the face-up monster from being destroyed.

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