• You can consider returning cards like "Call of the Haunted", "Limit Reverse" or other such cards for re-use.
    • Or you can destroy their monsters after they're Special Summoned from those cards by returning it to their hand.
    • You can also destroy your own cards using this strategy if you have a appropriate "Meklord" in your hand or used "Call of the Haunted" to revive a monster with an effect that triggers on destruction, leaving the field, or special summon to trigger/reuse those effects.
  • Works well with Continuous Spell or Trap Cards which has a 'once per turn' effect; return it and re-use the effect again.
    • Use this card to return "Divine Wind of Mist Valley" in order to reuse its effect again that turn.
    • Use on "Miracle Fertilizer" to not only get a second Special Summon but also remove the negative effect for monsters that you want to use as a Tribute or Cost.
  • Use this card to fulfill the activation requirements of "Treasure Map" and then draw cards through "Treasure Map's" effect.
  • Chain this to effects that would destroy important cards to keep them from being destroyed.
  • This card works well in a Spell Counter Deck as it returns face up cards to the hand for reuse as well as getting rid of an opponents card.
  • In Traditional Format, use this card to return "Mirage of Nightmare" to your hand after you've drawn your cards. That way you can reuse it later when needed, along with having the appropriate cards to properly dispose of "Mirage of Nightmare" (ie. "Emergency Provisions", "Double Cyclone", etc), as well as remove an opponent's Spell/Trap.
  • This card can be helpful in bouncing various Pendulum Monsters back to the hand when they're in the Pendulum Zones, as they count as Spells while in the Pendulum Zones. This can be particularly helpful if you want to Pendulum Summon certain monsters but lack the appropriate Pendulum Scales on the field at the time, but have the needed Pendulum Scale in your hand.

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