• You can discard this card with "Trade-In" to draw 2 cards, then Tribute Summon "Gravekeeper's Chief" to bring him back from the Graveyard.
  • This card's anti-destruction effect is also a good way to boost its ATK.
  • "Gravekeeper's Commandant's" effect can also be used to give a quick boost to this card's attack as well as giving you a spare "Necrovalley" which your opponent may try to destroy to decrease this monster's attack.
  • This card's anti-destruction effect works well with cards that destroy all monsters such as "Torrential Tribute".
  • You can use "Card Trooper" and other Mill cards to possibly raise this card's ATK.
  • You can stall out against "Judgment Dragon" using this card, and possibly make it stronger than it (Either "Necrovalley" on the field and 3 Gravekeeper's monsters in the Graveyard or 6 Gravekeeper's monsters in the Graveyard can make this card stronger than "Judgment Dragon"), leaving your opponent cornered if they don't have enough Life Points left, or any cards to save them.
  • This card doesn't work very well with Gravekeeper's Chief, due to the fact that "Gravekeeper's Chief" can deprive your graveyard of Gravekeeper's Monsters with his ability. (Though only 200 ATK power)

Traditional Format

  • Using "Card Destruction" can boost your ATK power while potentially allowing you to maintain resources for protection.

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