• Special Summon this card with "Gravekeeper's Spy" and tribute "Spy" to destroy a card. Then:
    • Tribute this card for "Gravekeeper's Chief" and Special Summon "Descendant" with its effect. Tribute "Gravekeeper's Chief" with Descendant's effect to destroy another card.
    • If you don't need your Descendant on your side of the field for future use, you can tribute this card for "Caius the Shadow Monarch" to banish a card and have a monster with 900 more base attack than the "Gravekeeper's Descendant" you would have left in the first scenario.
  • You can tribute "Gravekeeper's Curse" after it inflicts 500 damage to your opponent since it wouldn't have other big uses.
  • You can use "Chain Whirlwind" when using his effect to destroy a card to destroy 2 of the opponents trap and/or spell cards for a +1 card advantage.
  • If your field has 4 Gravekeeper's monsters as well as this card, you can destroy up to 4 of your opponents cards. This can actually help set up an OTK situation if you are careful, if not you still have a potentially powerful monster when combined with "Gravekeeper's Priestess" and "Necrovalley's" ATK boosting effects.

Traditional Format

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