• Since most people use effect monsters, you can use "Curse of Anubis" before making "Grasschopper" into an effect monster and combine it with "Big Bang Shot" to deal a lot of damage fast (2350 + 400 = 2750 x Number of Opponents effect monsters = Major Damage).
  • Use this card along with "Final Attack Orders" and "Ojama Trio" to deal a total of 7950 damage (2350 x 3 = 7050, 300 x 3 = 900, 7050 + 900 = 7950), which can form an OTK if you have another card to inflict the remaining 50 points or if any damage had been done to your opponent prior.
  • "Secrets of the Gallant" can be used on this card before it has been Gemini Summoned; the effect will still apply while "Grasschopper" is an effect monster and you will be able to obliterate your opponent's hand if they have 3 weak-enough monsters on-field (if by some chance they have a 5-or-6 card hand; with less cards in hand you will need to destroy less monsters).

Traditional Format

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