• "Granmarg" is often seen as the weakest "Monarch" because, in most cases, an opponent can simply flip a targeted card face-up to negate the effect of "Granmarg", or to use it before its effect resolves. It is still useful for destroying Set monsters without activating their Flip Effects, though.
  • Make sure there is a Set card on your opponent's side of the field when you use this card, so you don't have to destroy one of yours.
  • This card splashes well into an "Evil HERO" Deck, both for its ability to destroy a Set opposing card as well as being able to be fused into "Evil HERO Dark Gaia".
  • Destroy your own "Dark Coffin" with this card. The effect of "Dark Coffin" can be activated when destroyed, regardless of which player destroyed it

Traditional Format

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