• "Bazoo the Soul-Eater" is a great card to use with this monster by removing monsters until only 5 EARTH monsters remain in your graveyard.
  • "Snake Rain" can get the required five monsters very quickly by using it to send EARTH Reptiles from your Deck to your Graveyard.
  • Most EARTH archetypes have a degree of Graveyard control so they'll be able to use this card. These archetypes include Saber, Gem- , Geargia, Naturia and Scrap.
  • "Wild Nature's Release" can boost this card's ATK to 5,000. This may be specially useful if you include this card in an Saber deck, where the monsters are EARTH and many of them are Beasts and Beast-Warriors.

Traditional Format

  • In a Dragon Deck, using "Future Fusion" and selecting "Five-Headed Dragon" (so you can send 5 EARTH Dragons to the Graveyard) can fulfill this card's Summoning requirement and provide resources for its effect. (Useful EARTH Dragons are relatively few in number, but "Des Volstgalph" is a good option.)

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