• This card can be used in conjunction with "Junk Warrior". Chain the activation of this card to the activation of the effect of "Junk Warrior" to summon the Level 2 or lower monster to the field before "Junk Warrior "gains the ATK of the other monsters on the field.
  • Summon "Fortress Warrior" to have a strong defense during your opponent's battle phase.
  • The Spellcaster and Fiend main-deck "Ghostrick" monsters can benefit from this card, as they are all Level Two and below. This enables them to recycle their abilities, set up other summons (such as "Ghostrick Socuteboss", "Ghostrick Dullahan", or other regular "Ghostricks" monsters), and when they flip themselves face-down, they won't be destroyed by "Graceful Revival's" effect.

Traditional Format

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